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***** This section, "Flint - Section 1", includes some of our "high-end", more valuable items; to see a large selection of lesser-priced, fine pieces visit our "Flint - Section 2" ******


Clovis 783. 3-11/16" x 1-3/16". Made of gray striped Dongola chert with semi-circular bullseye banding. This Clovis point was featured in the book "Story in Stone" and was illustrated on page 30, figure 22, and described on page 31. Found in Paducah,  Kentucky, this is a highly collectible piece with good fluting on both sides. (3) COA's from Earthworks, Berner, and Jackson.

Clovis 664. 3-5/8” x 1-3/16”. Made of brown/gray high-grade Hornstone chert. Well-made and in great, G-10 condition with nice flutes on both sides. Found in Howard County, Indiana.  (2) COA's from Earthworks Artifacts and Gregory Perino.

Clovis 753. 3-1/8” x 1-3/16”. Made of Attica chert in shades of tan & gray. Strong, short flutes on both sides. Slightly waisted base, well-ground about ½ the point length. Found near the Ohio River in Union County, Kentucky in May 1987. Finder's name to the buyer. (4) COA’s from Earthworks, Ken Partain, Ben Stermer, Jackson.  

Clovis 706. 4” x 1-3/8”. Made of tan colored Burlington chert. Nice flutes on both sides. Well-made and in great condition. G-10. Found in Lawrence County, Indiana. (4) COA’s from Earthworks, Greg Perino, Ken Partain and Ben Stermer. 

Adena 147. 5-1/8” x 1-7/8”. Made of Indiana Hornstone. Shades of gray and blue with stripes and mottling. Very nice material! Large, wide, thin, and in G-10 condition. Found in Harrison County, Indiana.  (3) COA’s from Earthworks, Ken Partain, Ben Stermer.

Scottsbluff 1227. 5-3/8” x 1-1/4”. Made of brown colored chert. Large-sized, with nice flaking, and in great condition. Found in Jefferson County, Nebraska. (4) COA’s from Earthworks, Ben Stermer, Ken Partain, Jackson. 

Pike County 200. 3-15/16” x 1-1/2”. Made of white Burlington chert; semi-glossy & semi-translancent. Big, wide, well-made example of the type in G-10 condition. Found in Pike County, Illinois. (3) COA’s from Earthworks, Motley, Jackson. 

Lost Lake 337. 2-5/8” x 1-13/16”. Made of Indiana Hornstone in shades of gray. Well-made and nicely beveled. G-10 condition. Found in Clark County, Indiana. (3) COA’s from Earthworks, Ken Partain, Ben Stermer.  Note: There's a shadow on the tip in the photo; no damage.

Windust (Paleo) 1735. 4-3/8” x 1-9/16”. Made of translucent cream/gray Spanish Diggings silicified sand. A very rare Paleo point type rarely found in the High Plains; very special material as well. Great condition. Found in Montana. (3) COA’s from Earthworks, Jackson, Stermer. 

Clovis 776. 2-15/16" x 1-1/16". Made of black Pitkin chert. Well-made G-10 piece with strong fluting on both sides; just shy of 1/2 on one and nearly to the tip on the other. Found in Henry County, Kentucky.  (3) COA's from Earthworks, Stermer, and Jackson.

Danish Dagger 113. 5-3/4”. European “True” Flint in shades of Gray. Found in Northern Europe.  Earthworks Artifacts COA.

Clovis 715. 3-5/16” x 13/16”. Barnes-type Clovis made of dark gray Hornstone. Long & narrow, fluted 2/3 on one side, 1/3 on the other. One ear broken in prehistoric times. Found in Bell County, Kentucky. (2) COA's from Earthworks, Calvin Howard.

Clovis 717. 4-1/2” x 1-5/16”. Hazel type Clovis made of tan/off-white Burlington chert. Short, strong flute on one side, weak, multiple flutes on the other. Great G-10 condition. Found in Jefferson County, Illinois.  (3) COA’S from Earthworks Artifacts, Ken Partain, Calvin Howard.

Dovetail 460. 3-3/8” x 1-7/16”. Made of colorful Flint Ridge flint. Colors include blue, cream, green, gray, purple, pink. Great material! Very tiny ancient tip ding; otherwise perfect. Found in Highland County, Ohio. (3) COA’s from Earthworks, Ken Partain, Ben Stermer.

Clovis 670. 2-1/2” x 1-3/16”. Translucent, high-grade hornstone. Short, strong flute on one side, longer multiple flutes on the other. Well-made and in great condition. Found in Jay County, Indiana. (4) COA’s from Earthworks, Perino, Partain, Stermer.

Scottsbluff 1234. 2-9/16" x 13/16". Made of a light, pinkish/cream colored Burlington chert. Finely made and flaked with a slightly expanding stem. G-10 condition. Found in Saline County, Missouri.  (2) COA's from Earthworks Artifacts and Jackson.